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York City conference

A couple of years back, I went to New York City for a conference, Suddenly, it really began to rain, definitely a Miami-style storm.

Amazingly, an umbrella merchant comes out of thin air (I’ve certainly never comprehended or understood just how that happens, still, it is insane how quickly these guys can appear out of nowhere, lol).

Me: I’ll have a big umbrella, please.

Him: That is going to be $50.

Me: WTF !!! That’s a 2 dollar Chinese crap umbrella. It most likely busts before I reach my business meeting.

Him: Son, you’re short an umbrella and, well, I’m long. Pay me or get wet, your choice.

Me: (taking a look at my suit, recognizing my appointment is more crucial than bargaining). How bout $20??

Him: $50 is my firm price, he said.

Me: Fine, fine, ok fine!! (argh).

The lesson of the cock-and-bull story?? In some cases, it’s far better to get filled than to do without.

Credit to Mike Wick for sending …

We’ve now shifted toward a brand-new stage of the Biden/Fink Energy Emergency.

It actually is not about the price tag, it has to do with not running out.

Let this penetrate.

Nobody intends to get scammed by the umbrella fella, still, it’s more frustrating and embarrassing to appear for an important business meeting saturated to the bone …

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