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Look OUT: Democratic Party Operatives Are Creating Partisan Websites That Appear To Be Local News Websites

Over fifty new local news websites have been established in critical swing areas in an effort to have an influence on the upcoming midterm elections.

The web pages are all associated with Local Report, Inc., a company that was incorporated in the state of Florida the previous year.

Over the course of the last year, political strategists affiliated with the Democratic Party have launched more than fifty websites that give the appearance of being local news sites but, in reality, either support Democratic candidates & agendas or disparage the opposing party, the Republicans. These websites concentrate their attention squarely on battleground states in the hopes of having an impact on the forthcoming midterm elections.

As per Axios, Local Report Incorporated, which was established in Florida the previous year, has established 51 websites with names that don’t sound suspicious at all. Some of these websites include the Northern Clark-County-Herald, its Valley Gazette, as well as the Bucks County-Standard.

Local Report Inc. was registered in Florida.

Local Report has established similar websites in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Atlanta, Detroit, Hampshire, Nv, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Wisconsin. These states all feature competitive contests for governor or for Congress.

The American-Independent, which is a left-leaning media collective, has been cited in a number of the pieces that were utilized on the websites.

The various websites are managed by a for-profit firm known as Local Report Inc., which was first established in the state of Florida in 2021 and has been in operation ever since.

According to Axios, each website has a significant number of stories and editorial contributions From American Independent, a liberal media organization that was founded by David Brock, the other co-founder of Media Matters.

There has been pushback because they distort the reports of others.

Several Democratic organizations have used stories taken from local reports as their work.

In an effort to sway the midterm elections, Democrats have stooped to new lows.

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