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On Wednesday, during the course of his broadcast on Fox News, Tucker Carlson made a startling disclosure that has left his audience speechless. Carlson said that an anonymous source inside the New York Police Department (NYPD) has confessed that all of Jeffrey Epstein’s 911 calls that he made in the days leading up to his passing were erased.

Carlson told the audience watching his primetime program, “It appears that the NYPD deleted the recordings of 911 calls made from the jail.” Therefore, we pondered our options and decided to contact the FBI. We phoned the FBI and asked whether or not they had any records of the 911 call made from the federal penitentiary; however, we did not receive a response.

The removal of the tapes has fueled conspiracy theories that Epstein was murdered to prevent him from disclosing harmful information about a high-profile pedophile network. These ideas have created severe issues about the circumstances that led up to Epstein’s death and have prompted serious worries about the deletion of the recordings. Additional information on the cover-up was provided by The Daily Wire, which indicated that the NYPD notified Carlson that the material was “well past the 12-month retention period.” The Daily Wire has reached out to the New York Police Department to enquire about the possibility of obtaining copies of any pertinent calls that may have been erased.

Many individuals have questioned the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s alleged suicide in jail, which took place in August 2019, which has contributed to the death of Epstein being surrounded by mystery and controversy. Before Epstein could be tried, it appears that he committed suicide by hanging himself in the cell where he was being held. He was under suicide watch. Many authorities are of the opinion that the inquiry is being hindered by political pressure in order to protect influential allies and co-conspirators who may have been engaged in the child sex crimes that Epstein is accused of committing.

According to The Daily Wire, “contrary to protocol, Epstein was not checked on every 30 minutes the night of his death at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, where he was being detained.” This information comes from the facility where Epstein was being held. In addition, part of the film that was obtained close to Epstein’s cell was useless, and the FBI eventually started an inquiry into the camera malfunction that occurred outside of Epstein’s cell.

Epstein had a long history of sponsoring Democratic initiatives, notably those supported by former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Epstein’s donations to both the Clinton Foundation and Bill Gates foundation brought him into contact with some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, many of whom he invited to his private island because of his connections with them.

Epstein’s attorney, David Schoen, who would have represented him, remarked, “I was told that on August 9, Mr. Epstein remained animated and gave every indication he was planning to fight the case vigorously as we had discussed.” Epstein passed away on August 9. On August 10th, he had already passed away. Therefore, the anecdotal evidence that I gathered from my observations during our meeting together and from the reports that I heard during the week is the primary reason why I do not believe that it was a suicide.

Concerns of a substantial kind have been brought up regarding the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s passing as a result of the absence of records of his calls to 911. It is of the utmost importance to get to the bottom of what happened to Epstein and to those who were complicit in his crimes.

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