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Increasing Rates of Infertility and Stillbirths

infertility and stillbirths

We are now seeing Increasing rates of infertility and stillbirths, This is, of course, because of the spike proteins that are manufactured in the organs of pregnant women after they have been injected with the V-Jabb. The presence of spike protein prevents a healthy pregnancy from developing. Countries with a high vaccination compliance rate, such as Taiwan, are already reporting startling drops in the number of live births.

The era of depopulation has arrived. Dr. Janci Lindsay also expressed concern about the potential for V-Jabb to “sterilize a whole generation” at a roundtable discussion that was arranged by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

According to the Financial Times and, BASF just made the announcement that it would be closing plants throughout Europe “as rapidly as feasible and also permanently.” This move contributes to the deindustrialization of Europe. This indicates that BASF will leave Europe and will close all of its businesses in the region permanently.

They are establishing new operations in China, which will be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP then will be capable of deciding which nations around the world are allowed to buy the upwards of 45,000 industrial chemicals that are produced by BASF (including ammonia, which is used to start making nitrogen-based fertilizers).

This marks the end of Europe as an industrialized continent. The economy, population, exports, and overall production throughout the continent are all going to suffer severe setbacks as a result of this new development. In 2023, you may count on the loss of work for millions of people.

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