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Did COVID-19 Lockdowns Cause More Harm Than Good? Unveiling Substantial Collateral Damage and Policy Lessons

According to the findings of a thorough investigation that was carried out by Dr. Kevin Bardosh, an applied medical anthropology at the University of Washington, the negative repercussions that resulted from the COVID-19 lockdowns significantly exceeded any potential advantages. This review looked at the findings of 600 different papers, including meta-analyses, systematic reviews, worldwide reports, and multi-country research. It was funded by the English charitable organization Collateral Worldwide. The study investigated 10 distinct types of negative effects, including those on health, the economy, income, food security, education, lifestyle, personal relationships, community, the environment, and government.

Bringing to Light Substantial Damage to Collateral

The findings of the inquiry brought to light the significant and far-reaching collateral harm that was caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns. The devastation, which is expected to last for a number of years, will have an effect on hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Non-COVID excess mortality, worsening mental health, child abuse, domestic violence, worsened global inequality, food insecurity, disrupted education, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, social polarization, mounting debt, democratic backsliding, and deteriorating human rights are some of the repercussions.

Putting the Efficiency of COVID Policies Up for Questioning

It is important to note that the research indicates that many COVID measures may have resulted in more negative effects than positive ones. However, in order to fill up the information gaps and investigate the policy trade-offs, more research has to be conducted, particularly on the national level. This assessment highlights how important it is to acquire a more diverse set of knowledge in order to respond effectively to future pandemics. It is possible to build strategies that are more successful and well-balanced if one incorporates a variety of views and takes into account opposing issues.

The Body of Accumulated Evidence

This new review study adds to and consolidates the existing body of research suggesting that the considerable limitations on personal and commercial activities that were enforced by a number of countries in the years 2020 and part of 2021 had serious negative impacts. These repercussions were not limited to only affecting public health but also individual liberty and economic well-being as well. It is obvious that different actions might have been taken, which would have resulted in fewer lives being lost while also avoiding the imposition of onerous limitations. The marketing of recognized medicinal medications targeted safeguards for vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and the infirm, for example), and an emphasis on boosting vitamin D consumption are some of the actions that are included in this category.

Recognizing the Inroads Made Into Civil Liberties

Even within the borders of the United States, the COVID reaction tactics were met with concern by Justice Neil Gorsuch of the United States Supreme Court. In a recent commentary, he referred to these actions as the most severe infringements on civil rights that have taken place during times of peace in the annals of this nation’s history. In his dissenting opinion, Justice Gorsuch expressed regret at the failure of Congress, state legislatures, and courts to adequately defend constitutional rights, individual liberty, and the rule of law.


The investigation of the severe collateral harm brought on by COVID-19 lockdowns that were carried out by Dr. Kevin Bardosh and supported financially by Collateral Global shows solid evidence in this respect. It highlights the necessity of doing an exhaustive study and utilizing a wider variety of skills for creating future pandemic response tactics. It is possible for society to achieve a better balance between the preservation of public health, the protection of individual rights, and the maintenance of economic stability if it acknowledges the unintended effects and makes use of varied views.

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