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The Japanese government has launched an investigation into fatalities attributed to the COVID-19 vaccination

fatalities attributed to the COVID-19 vaccination

An investigation of the fatalities caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations is now being looked into by researchers who have been tasked with conducting the investigation by the Japanese government.

According to a report by Baxter Dmitry of NewsPunch, the authorities in East Asian nations have given Japanese scientists the directive to explore the potential methods through which the experiment mRNA injections might be causing fatalities and serious adverse responses. As this article is being written, two researchers have volunteered to discuss their results.

Masataka Nagao, of the School of Medicine at Hiroshima University, brought attention to the fact that the remains of vaccinated individuals that he autopsied with the assistance of law enforcement officers were unusually warm. According to him, “the initial worry was that the core body temperature of the bodies was unusually high.” [Citation needed] As per Nagao, the temperatures of the corpses he autopsied were between 33 and 34 degrees Celsius (91 to 93 F).

Other bodies that he investigated had temperatures that were higher than average, with one instance registering more than 40 degrees Celsius (104 F). In light of these findings, Nagao came to the conclusion that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccination leads to anomalies in the immune system, which in turn promotes inflammation everywhere over the body and leads to elevated body temperatures.

In the meanwhile, a dermatology specialist at Kochi University’s School of Medicine named Shigetoshi Sano reported discovering SARS-CoV-2 spike protein at the location of lesions on vaccinated individuals.

According to what he informed the media, “the spike protein produced from the vaccination was identified in the skin.” “Spike proteins are acting to inhibit the immune system in a localized manner. As a consequence of this, the spike proteins make it easier for the herpes virus to become active again.

In addition to this, Sano made the observation that the spiking proteins cause inflammation, which may result in the formation of blood clots. “Even more concerning, spike proteins have been shown to be capable of locally inducing inflammation,” he went on to say.

“I don’t know whether I should tell this, but it’s been discovered that those who have been vaccinated have a higher chance of getting [COVID-19] than persons who have not been vaccinated. The human body may be exposed to a variety of potentially harmful substances on occasion. There is a possibility that vaccination may render our immune system unable to successfully defend against such harmful agents.

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