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If you didn’t like 2022’s economy, you won’t enjoy 2023’s

If you were unhappy with the state of the economy in 2022, then you’re almost certainly never going to be thrilled with what is ahead in 2023.

It has not been enjoyable for us to have to cope with issues such as runaway inflation, extremely slow economic growth, and the start of a horrible housing crisis this year. All of these issues have been a burden on us. However, it looks that the coming year will be much more difficult, so fasten your seatbelt, this flight is about to get really bumpy.

The majority of the world’s largest technology businesses have been posting gloomy financial third-quarter results, which is a highly concerning indicator. We could always bank on the major technology businesses to deliver soaring figures, even when the economy as a whole was in a state of stagnation or decline.

But that is no longer the case to a significant degree, and as a direct consequence, their stock values are taking a severe beating right now.

Just take a look at how Facebook is now operating. The company’s overall sales actually fell even during the third quarter, and the additional data that they have recently disclosed have caused serious concern among investors on Wall Street…

So, If you didn’t like 2022’s economy, you won’t enjoy 2023’s.

This year has been rough, with soaring inflation, slow economic growth, and the start of a housing catastrophe. Next year looks worse. Most large tech businesses reported abysmal third-quarter figures, a troubling indication. Even while everyone else was struggling, tech businesses consistently produced roaring figures. Now that’s changed, and their stock values are tanking. Consider Facebook. Third-quarter sales dropped, and other statistics concerned Wall Street investors.

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