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Europe’s Destruction of Industry

Destruction of Industry

Europe’s Destruction of Industry has started. According to the Financial Times and, BASF has just made the announcement that it would be closing all of its plants throughout Europe “as early as feasible and also permanently.”

This indicates that BASF will leave Europe and will close all of its businesses in the region permanently. They are establishing new operations in China, which will be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP then will be capable of controlling which nations all over the world are allowed to buy the more than 45,000 chemical products that are produced by BASF (including ammonia, which is used to start making nitrogen-based fertilizers). This marks the end of Europe as an industrialized continent.

The economy, population, exports, and overall production throughout the continent are all going to suffer severe setbacks as a result of this new development. In 2023, you may count on the loss of work for millions of people.

Failure of crops and a resulting deepening of food shortages

An estimated forty percent of the world’s fertilizer output has been lost. The eruption of a volcano in Tonga in January caused water vapor to be propelled into the mesosphere, which is high above the stratosphere. As a result, agricultural production is already suffering as a result of the increased amount of water vapor in the sky.

This vapor reflects the sun’s rays, which decreases the quantity of light that reaches the crops grown here on the surface of the world and also helps to chill the planet overall. This phenomenon is now having a significant influence on agricultural yields inside the Southern hemisphere. While some locations are reporting declines in crop yields of up to fifty percent, other regions were reporting reductions in crop yields that are less severe, such as twenty percent.

Growing seasons are shortened and agricultural yields are decreased when even a little amount of sunlight is blocked out. This, in conjunction with the worldwide shortage of fertilizer, will result in significant decreases in agricultural yields beginning in 2023 and continuing for many years after that. This will cause global food shortages as well as inflation in the price of food.

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