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If vaccinations are so great – why the heavy promotion?

Let’s get into the BIG question – If vaccinations are so great then why the heavy promotion? Well, Before the Delta variant, giving the vaccine to everyone could have been impractical because the virus only caused 10% infection and less than 1% mortality.

However, given how the virus has mutated to become increasingly contagious and dangerous, we can recognize the importance of giving the vaccine to everyone. Now that we know more about these variances, we still think it’s a matter of personal preference, but we think it merits careful consideration.

Perhaps things would be different and more trust would exist in the message if world governments, including our own, had respected the American people, if those in power hadn’t politicized the viral infection and the vaccine, and if the media and the leaders of media organizations hadn’t attempted to silence the freedom of ideas.

A panicked rush to get the vaccination would lead to societal turmoil, so maybe the administration is keeping something from us. Maybe it was deliberate to take so long to concede that the virus might have been created in a research facility in Wuhan, China; if somehow the American people knew that the pathogen had been a biological weapon devised in China with financing from NIAID, largely US taxpayer money, they just wouldn’t stand for this; they would demand action, and officials would be forced to comply. Perhaps this is what the authorities are trying to prevent by suppressing information and promoting vaccinations so heavily.

Actually, most people are unaware that a sizable number of variants/mutations have been identified in a little over a year and a half. Options include a) Alpha, b) Beta, c) Gamma, d) Delta, and e) Lambda! The purpose of this post is to debate whether or whether each “mutation” increases in strength and contagiousness, as has been stated. Is there any cause for alarm in the knowledge that this particular strain of Covid-19 was “designed” to undergo rapid mutations, hardening its outer shell against antibodies as it went, and ultimately becoming more “lethal”?

After everything that the governments of the world have done to the people—closing companies, forcing eateries to shut down, depriving our children of a year of face-to-face socialization, and costing billions of dollars in losses—I do believe these are legitimate concerns.

Some things to ponder, in the meanwhile.

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