Guarding Against Recent Variants

Vaccinations are Inadequate at Guarding Against Recent Variants

The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “booster” doses, according to one of the most ardent advocates of vaccinations, are inadequate at guarding against the most recent “variants” of illness. This individual is not cool with these shots. Paul Offit for Profit of Vaccine Education Center and the Children’s Hospital of Philly wrote a viewpoint document for The…

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Travelers who have received vaccinations are Exempt by the CBSA to use ArriveCan ONCE

In a statement given to Global News on Saturday, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is granting a one-time exception for passengers who have received their vaccinations but may have not been notified that they must provide their compulsory health data via ArriveCAN. Beginning in May 2022, this policy was implemented at the land border….

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