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Newly released documents have brought to light the actions of Susie Green, the former chief of the trans lobby group Mermaids, who allegedly referred children to the NHS Tavistock gender clinic despite repeated refusals from their GPs. These revelations raise concerns about the influence of lobby groups and the process of treating children questioning their gender.

This article will delve into the details, highlighting the involvement of Susie Green and shedding light on the implications of these actions.

Susie Green’s Role and Lobby Group Influence

Susie Green, without any known formal medical training, reportedly had direct access to Dr. Polly Carmichael, the director of the gender clinics. As the former chief of Mermaids, a trans lobby group, Green actively participated in drafting NHS plans for treating children grappling with their gender identity. Her involvement extended to the point where she could refer young individuals to the gender clinic, even in cases where GPs had consistently refused to do so.

According to reports from The Mail Online, Green insisted on being regarded as a “professional” to enable her to make these referrals for unsupported young people. In one instance, she sent a referral noting that the GP had consistently refused to refer her. The exchange of emails between Green and Dr. Carmichael, spanning over 300 pages of recently released documents, sheds further light on the extent of their collaboration.

Questioning Professionalism and Third-Party Referrals

In 2016, Susie Green expressed her concerns to Dr. Carmichael regarding the rejection of a referral, suggesting that it was due to her lack of professional validation or risk assessment. Green sought clarification on the matter, inquiring if her non-professional status was the reason for Mermaids’ referrals not being accepted.

Dr. Carmichael responded, stating that the clinic does accept referrals from third-sector groups and acknowledging the helpful referrals Green had made in the past. This communication indicates that the Tavistock clinic had been accepting referrals from Mermaids, regardless of Green’s non-professional background.

Release of Documents and Lobby Group Influence

Initially, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust refused to disclose emails or minutes of meetings with Susie Green, who was part of a task group reviewing services at the Tavistock between 2014 and 2018. This lack of transparency changed when the clinic faced the possibility of High Court action, leading them to comply with the Freedom of Information request last week.

Critics argue that these documents reveal the extent to which lobby groups influenced decision-making processes at the Tavistock. Stephanie Davies-Arie, representing the Transgender Trend organization, asserts that the clinic had become ideologically captured by activists. This raises concerns about the impartiality and professionalism of the clinic’s operations, particularly when it comes to the well-being of young individuals questioning their gender identity.

Tavistock Clinic’s Troubles and Delayed Replacement Plans

In a review conducted by Dr. Hilary Cass, the Tavistock clinic was advised to close last year due to the substantial risk it posed to the mental health of young people seeking its services. This critical evaluation highlighted serious concerns and prompted discussions about the need for an alternative approach. However, plans for a replacement clinic have faced delays, leaving the future of gender identity services in limbo.


The newly released documents have shed light on Susie Green’s involvement in referring children to the NHS Tavistock gender clinic, even against the refusal of their GPs. This revelation raises questions about the influence of lobby groups and the clinic’s decision-making process. Transparency and impartiality are crucial when providing support to young individuals questioning their gender identity, and it is essential to evaluate the impact of external actors on their care. The delayed plans for a replacement clinic further compound the uncertainty surrounding gender identity services. Moving forward, a careful examination of the processes and stakeholders involved is necessary to ensure the well-being of those seeking assistance at such clinics.

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