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Mutations to the Virus Strike FEAR in the Hearts of Man

Even while the word Mutations to the Virus Strike FEAR, know that most mutations are modest and, in some situations, have a beneficial influence since they effectively make the virus a lot less contagious.

To multiply and potentially introduce “copying mistakes,” the viral gene replicates throughout the infectious phase (take an original letter, copy it, then take the copy and copy that, and repeat, as time progresses the letter will be harder to view due to the copying errors associated with the process – this would be a similar process). The virus mutates in response to these changes and to the way our bodies adapt to them.

Both the mRNA vaccine and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine use technology that involves introducing a small amount of the virus into the body in order to teach the immune system how to recognize and destroy the virus. This is analogous to how our bodies employ our immune systems to recognize and destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses (these are very elementary explanations and not ones that would be used by a scientist to explain the vaccines).

We know that when a novel coronavirus virus gets introduced, such as the MERS virus, mutations develop slowly, at a pace that is four times slower than the flu virus. Covid-19 viral mutation rates are dramatically increasing. In rare situations, fresh waves of infections may be caused by variations of the Coronavirus that are not drastically different from the original versions genetically. While the original strain isn’t very harmful, others like the Delta and Lambda variants are cause for concern since they are.

Hospitals in India were inundated with a strain of influenza called Delta, which was found to be 55% more contagious than Alpha and almost twice as virulent as the initial Covid-19 strain, identified in Wuhan, China. There seems to be a clear trend wherein each “new strain” evolves into a more contagious form of the disease.

Although the Lambda version may be more contagious than the Delta variation, further study is required before it can be included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Variant of Concern (VOC) list.

Could there be more to the story than what governments are telling the public?

Dr. Fauci’s positions have been more inconsistent than the ingredients in an IHOP pancake. Fauchi first advocated for masks to be worn by those who were ill; later, it was mandated that everyone wear a mask; later, Fauchi proposed “double masking;” currently, only those who have not been vaccinated need not wear one. He has contradicted himself on the record and on the same station. Once, just after he got busted at a sporting event with his mask beneath his chin, he told me this story. The indecisive guy in question has lied to Congress and has not decided whether or not to have the United States (NIAID) fund the research at Wuhan, China, infectious disease facility. Further, Dr. Fauchi has sources of income apart from his government pay.

Why are governments all around the globe working so hard to make the vaccine?

Inoculation Against Coronavirus (Covid-19) – When did the government actually push this vaccine so tirelessly? Though we were first received with skepticism when we expressed concern about Guillain-Barre Syndrome (“GBS”) in May and April, the FDA has now issued a caution that the Johnson and Johnson vaccination may increase the risk of GBS in males over the age of 50. The fact that some people who took the Jand J route ended up with GBS is proof that they were aware of the risk throughout the trials but chose not to adequately notify us about it Related: If vaccinations are so great – why the heavy promotion?

The problems with AstraZeneca’s blood clotting and the vaccines made by Johnson & Johnson are comparable in this regard. They knew about it throughout the study but refused to notify us of the hazards until it got too publicized with the AstraZeneca vaccine as well as the European pause made headlines. The media and Fauci then began to backpedal, but they had to halt the J& J vaccine for the exact problems. Eric Clapton, himself, has gone public about hand injuries he suffered.

You can tell there’s a hidden agenda when social media and mega-media conglomerates collude to hide news they disagree with or find offensive. Media outlets and social media sites in their quest to exert editorial control over the news, only succeed in decreasing their audiences’ faith in them. Especially when what certain people have been saying has been exposed.

One such idea that has been circulating from the outset (early 2020) but has been kept under wraps by social media and the media for months is the Wuhan Lab hypothesis. After years of the press ignoring the apparent connections to the Wuhan Laboratory or censoring posts on the internet about such beliefs, the public is now discussing the lab link freely as a serious possibility. Since Fauci’s agency once again paid for laboratory tests, he is obviously trying to cover up the real reason.

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