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Climate change Cultists are Targeting Natural Gas 

Natural gas, arguably the most affordable and efficient energy source for stovetop cooking, is the newest victim of the global climate change cultists, which wants it outlawed from all households throughout the country.

In an effort to prevent global warming, the Sierra Club and other so-called “environmental” organizations are lobbying the (EPA) to outlaw the residential use of natural gas.

The Sierra Club and company seek to eliminate gas stoves along with gas furnaces and gas fireplaces and replace them with more costly electric or solar models. 

If the campaign is successful, homeowners may be obligated to replace every one of their natural gas equipment. Republican Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg characterized the proposal as “out of control,” and he’s probably right.

According to the Denver Gazette, the Sierra Club has filed a petition demanding that fossil fuel-fired home heating appliances such as heating systems, water heaters, clothes dryers, as well as stoves be subject to the same regulations as factories and power plants because of the high levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide (CO2) they produce.

How is American power, 61% of which derives from fossil fuels, considered “green”?

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