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Increase in Heart-Related Injuries and Fatalities Hidden

In the midst of warnings from medical professionals about an increase in heart-related injuries and fatalities, Josh Sigurdson reflects on the alarmingly high number of deaths that have been attributed to vaccinations.

Because the United States government, along with the businesses that it is associated with, are operating a “Structured Criminal Enterprise,” no one and no institution is being held accountable for the deaths of thousands of individuals that were caused by vaccinations. The explanation for this is simple.

According to cardiologists, there are now 7 million individuals who live in the United States with vaccine-induced cardiac issues; nevertheless, the figures seem to imply that a far larger number of people are currently dealing with this issue today.

In the previous two years, there has been a 4000% rise in the number of cardiac diseases and deaths. It would be irresponsible to dismiss the association with the mass infusion program as a mere coincidence.

The way the system is designed, accountability can never be assigned to anybody in it, and as a result, no one is ever held accountable for anything.

Because of this, they are able to create wars while treating our men like commodities and shipping them home in boxes.

Because of this, they are able to enlist the assistance of liberal media outlets in order to push a death vaccine that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people without being held accountable.

Because of this, people’s lives are now being uprooted, their potential is being reduced, and their families are being torn apart as a result of the influx of foreigners who are taking our jobs and driving down our pay.

Every branch of the government, such as the police, the armed forces, the courts, the educational system, the corporate entities, the social networking sites, the medical groups, the hospitals, and the religious system, all work together hand in hand to coerce the general population into doing whatever the people at the top of the hierarchy tell them to do.

You may find reports about the deaths of sports figures on the field and at home after a game on any given day by searching the internet. An Algerian football player by the name of Ben Idir Mehenni passed away unexpectedly while competing in the African Nations Championship today, while this article is being written.

Damar Hamlin is yet another excellent case in point; however, since he was said to have “recovered,” he has declined to show the public his face, causing many people to assume that he passed away and that the NFL is concealing it.

While medical professionals are pointing out the massive increase in deaths related to heart disease and cancer, governments around the world that have given in to the globalist treaty proposed by the World Health Organization are looking for new ways to implement compulsory vaccination in addition to new Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs). In point of fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently changed its monitoring system with the authorization of the government of the United States to deem unvaccinated persons to be “sick,” enabling the government to forcibly jail them.

This is only the beginning of things to come. The pandemic tyranny persists despite the fact that governments throughout the globe are working to implement new authoritarian policies related to the environment, such as carbon credits or “15 Minute Cities.”

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