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The Shocking Experience of a North Korean Defector at a Leftist University in the U.S

Yeonmi Park’s harrowing escape from North Korea, where she was sold as a child sex slave for $200, led her to the United States, where she thought she could finally enjoy freedom. However, her experiences at Columbia University, where she was exposed to the leftist “woke” revolution, have left her feeling that America may be no better than North Korea if leftists continue to take over the country.

The Uppity Leftist Classmates at Columbia

Yeonmi Park’s new book, “While Time Remains,” chronicles her time at Columbia University and the utter shock she felt at the behavior of her leftist classmates. “They were in Manhattan, living in the freest country you can imagine, and they’re saying they’re oppressed?” she told the New York Post.

Park had been sold into human trafficking as a child, but even she couldn’t fathom how anyone living in America could consider themselves oppressed. She was particularly appalled by the obsession with gender pronouns, which she saw as a part of the transgender cult.

The Freedom of America: A Different Kind of Hell

After officially becoming an American citizen last year, Park fears that the Marxist revolutionaries that seem to be gaining power in America will take away the freedom she fought so hard to achieve. She doesn’t want the darkness she escaped to encroach on her new home, so she is calling on Americans to help her keep the tyranny at bay.

Indoctrination Camps and Brainwashing

Park’s experiences at Columbia were so disturbing that she wrote her debut novel, “In Order to Live,” which compared the university’s environment to that of North Korea. She described it as a “pure indoctrination camp,” where students were “forced to think” a certain way by left-wing faculty members. She also criticized her fellow classmates, saying that they were “brainwashed like North Korean students are.”

The Divisiveness of Bloodlines

In North Korea, Park explains, citizens are divided into 51 different classes based on their bloodlines. Those with “tainted” blood or whose ancestors were “oppressive” are denigrated and pushed to the bottom. She sees similarities in the divisive rhetoric being used in America and fears that it will lead to the same kind of tyranny she escaped.


Yeonmi Park’s story is a warning to America that the “woke” revolution may not be the path to freedom that some imagine. She has seen firsthand the destruction that can be wrought by Marxist revolutionaries, and she is urging Americans to fight against the darkness that threatens to engulf their country.

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