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The official figures from the government suggest that kids who have been immunized have a 4,423% higher risk of dying than kids who have not been immunized

In July, just hours before Boris Johnson declared his resignation as PM of the United Kingdom, an official government report was issued showing that children who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan CV are 45 times more likely to pass away than unvaccinated children who have a natural immunity to the virus.

Johnson’s announcement came just hours after the release of the report. Then we have the Government report.

In addition, the same investigation found that the risk of death from “covid” for children who had received all of their vaccinations was 137 times higher than the risk for those who had not had vaccinations. This frightening tidbit of information runs counter to everything that we have been taught over the course of the previous several years regarding how vaccinations are intended to protect against purported illnesses.

The information was presented in a report titled “Deaths by Vaccination Status, Britain, January 1, 2021 – 31 May 2022,” which was compiled by the Office for the (ONS) of the United Kingdom. You may have a look at it for yourself by clicking on this link.

The Exposé should be commended for scouring the ONS data in order to find out all of this information. Then again, the government delivers it in such a manner as to make it impossible to properly assess, and with very little fanfare.

One would assume that if “saving lives” was really the aim in this situation, then disclosures like this were all over the press and politicians would be talking about it nonstop. Instead, we hear nothing except the quiet or outright rejection of the facts that we have presented. (In a related development, there is evidence to imply that Pfizer is covert including heart attack medications in the kid formulation of their messenger RNA injection.

ONS was attempting to conceal the “horrific” death rates among children who had been jabbed.
In this particular instance, Real News Cast was able to determine that the ONS attempted, once again, to conceal the truth that children who are pumped with Fauci injections are a ticking bomb for an unexpected death.

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