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Do You Know The Lethal Consequences Of mRNA?

A survey released the other day found that only 28% of Americans know the lethal consequences of mRNA and that the negative impacts are deliberately concealed from the public.

The 3 African countries featured in the survey – Kenya, Nigeria, and Southern Africa — were at 54%, 50%, and 49% respectively. India is also full of suspicion and critical thinkers, 41% now recognizing that networks or the mainstream news media conceal the truth. Sweden (15%) and Denmark (10%) are without a doubt one of the most trusting of government & media. For the life of me, I don’t understand why given their track record.

It’s no secret that media are bought and paid for.

Press Reporter from Real News Cast team put together information out of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation internet site. The organization has given a minimum of $319 million to publishings around the world, including CNN, BBC, NPR, Al-Jazeera, and pretty much every other mainstream company. However, McLeod concluded that the number is in reality much greater because of sub-grants and various other variables.

The public has already seen the disturbingly elevated amount of youngsters dying of heart attacks during 2021. Mainstream media have already accelerated their brainwashing initiatives as a result, framing cardiac arrest for young people as normal, and reducing the dangers of myocarditis and pericarditis.

Speaking of young people dying …

The sad thing is, this is the norm today as the depopulation plan (genocide) is in full effect globally. There’s no way I can include every one of these cases, millions of kids will be dropping dead in the next 24 months, sad but true. I pray I am wrong on this one.

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