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The Majority of Germans are Eager to Talk with Russia

According to the results of a recent poll, the vast majority of Germans are in favor of the West taking action to open dialogue with Russia in order to bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

Over sixty percent of respondents were against providing additional heavy weapons to Ukraine.

The results of the survey, which were collected by RTL/MTV-Trendbarometer and released on Wednesday, were based on responses from 1,011 people who took part in the survey between August 26th and August 29th.

According to the findings of the study, almost 77 percent of Germans are of the opinion that the West must take tangible measures to try to initiate dialogue with Moscow, which could contribute to bringing this conflict to an end in Ukraine.

Only 17% of people disagree with holding such dialogues.

When asked whether or not it is appropriate for Western politicians to continue calling Vladimir Putin, 87percent of those polled responded yes.

43% of respondents said they are satisfied with the current level of assistance provided by Germany to Ukraine, whereas 26 percent of the total want Germany to do more, and 25% think that the country has already done more than enough in this regard.

When asked about the extent of the assistance, 43% of respondents stated that they are happy with the level of assistance.

According to the findings of the research team, this latter opinion is particularly widespread throughout Germany and among the individuals who support the German party.

In regards to weapons – 62% of respondents are skeptical and say that this is a prudent course of action, whereas only 32 percent would welcome orders of modern weapons to Ukraine.

This is despite the fact that some legislators are calling for ongoing shipments of advanced artillery to Kyiv, even at the cost of Germany’s own military.

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