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Another Doctor Stands up Against The Abortion Jab Requirement

he Abortion Jab Requirement

Dr. Julie Ponesse, an ethics faculty member terminated for standing up in opposition to a Canadian educational institution’s abortion-tainted jab requirement, presented an impressive speech Thursday.

She has a background in historical philosophy, specializing in ethics, went on to tell the audience that lasted practically twenty minutes to “not give up your legal rights.

She called vaccination requirement orders by companies a technique of “holding our careers hostage,” and even explained that mandates are “coercive immunization techniques.”

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Here is that video recording:
Thank you for being a woman of integrity.

One person said “Brilliant speech. Ms.Julie, you brought tears to my eyes. Tears of hope that Canada becomes again glorious and free. Standing for you! God bless us. THANK YOU !!!!!!!”

She then ended this speech with a call to arms by asking the audience for a “favor.” “We need heroes now more than ever,” she said. “Our democracy is asking for volunteers … Will you be a hero, for our country, for our children?

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