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ER Filled to Max and No One can explain why?

ER Filled to Max and No One knows why

ER or Intensive Care Units are packed all over the United States of America, and not a soul can explain the reason WHY this is taking place.

Today, the amount of new cases in the USA is actually lower than half of what it was merely a couple of months back. This is genuinely great news, and many folks think that this is an indicator that the pandemic is diminishing. Let us hope that holds true.

With far fewer catching the sickness or virus, one might presume that our trauma centers ought to be clearing out, however, the reverse is occurring.

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All through the countryside, intensive care units are completely stuffed/packed and in most cases, we are noticing more and more very seriously sick people being taken care of in the corridors since every one of the emergency rooms is jam-packed.

Can anybody tell me why this is taking place?

Assuming that the amount of COVID cases were starting to surge once again, then I can understand the ICU (intensive care unit) getting overrun.

However, at this certain healthcare facility in Michigan, we are told that the things that are generally being dealt with consist of “stomach pain”, “breathing issues”, “blood-clotting” and even “heart problems”…

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Many months of treatment hold-ups, delays, have already intensified the health conditions and also intensified signs and symptoms. Physicians including nurse practitioners point out the seriousness of health issues varies widely and consists of stomach pain, breathing problems, blood coagulation, heart disease, plus suicide attempts, to name a few.

That reference to “heart problems” instantly received my attention, given that I have been noticing this lot in the headlines/news lately.

As an example, a senior high school student in Pennsylvania dropped dead from “an unexpected heart occurrence”…

The senior high school football coach’ delighted in’ his team’s championship win Saturday. Later that night, this player was lifeless.

Today, Blake Barklage’s senior high school is grieving his unexpected passing. The misfortune happened at La Salle College Senior High School in Montgomery Region, Pa

Within a letter to families, the institution revealed that the student passed away after an unexpected heart occurrence’ Saturday.

In a different place, in the exact same jurisdiction, an otherwise healthy and balanced 12-year-old young boy all of a sudden passed away due to a problem with his coronary or heart vein …

As friends and family weep, the reason for loss of life is a 12-year-old taken way prematurely while warming up for basketball practice. Things like this just DON’T happen.

Heart issues kill senior folks constantly, still, it is strange that a lot of healthy and balanced youths have been dying with these types of complications.

I have been discovering a lot of accounts such as this.

So why are so many youngsters all of a sudden having this type of major issue with their hearts?

Can anybody out there clarify/explain this to me?

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