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A REAL and TRUE Review Of ManyStoriesOur Review Of ManyStories The Article Distribution centre of the World

Penname is the conglomerate of the ManyStories platform. Penname is really a platform consisting of interconnected websites which are devoted to the sharing and discovery of content. It is a location where authors can develop their readership and readers can find new things to read.

ManyStories includes a slick user design, facilitates contact amongst writers, and even provides highlighted narratives. It may be the ideal venue to gain notoriety for a story that was overlooked by the editors at Medium or by a magazine because it has a lower following than Medium but is still active and expanding.

My evaluations of Smedian as well as Signal, both of which are a member of the Penname platform and were built by Medium expert and software engineer Lincoln W. Daniel.

ManyStories is an absolute must to have if you want to broaden your readership beyond the people who already read your content on Medium.

Discover, and start sharing, every one of the world’s experiences.

Existing Medium users will find ManyStories to be quite intuitive to browse despite the fact that it hosts content from every source.

Make sure you have an account. One also can log in using the credentials you already have for Medium!

Tell us about your experience.

Copy and paste the URL to your article into the box that is located underneath the text that reads “Share your experience.”
You may make your article searchable by adding tags to it.

That wraps it up, It’s that simple!


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