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Senator says America backed Ukraine with Counter-Offensive

Sen. Mark Warner told reporters on Sunday that the active support of the United States and its NATO allies, in addition to the sharing of intelligence among Washington, London, and Kiev, have been critical in allowing Ukrainian troops to make “huge gains” all through their counter-offensive in the Kharkov Region.

“This type of coordination illustrates the power of our joint military info,” Warner, who is the leader of the United States Senate’s Intel Committee stated, saying that the US and British intel agencies are “operating with the Ukrainians.” However, the Senator was vague regarding the specifics of these “collaborations.”

Warner also praised the “tremendous assistance” from the United States and NATO partners, which he said “makes sure” receives the military weapons the Ukrainian army “needs.” His statements came during a huge Ukrainian attack involving the use of weaponry provided by the United States and other Western countries.

The Russian Defence Department said on Friday that Russian forces had withdrawn from various communities in northeast Ukraine, such as the city of Izyum, in response to an offensive that had begun on Thursday in the Kharkov Region. Russia’s capital city of Moscow said the move was made to bolster its armed troops in the Donetsk area. Kiev greeted the Russian pullout as a win.

The NYT reported on Saturday that information exchange between Kiev & Washington had increased, with Ukraine disclosing its counteroffensive preparations to the US in an effort to garner additional support. An unidentified US source is quoted as saying in the paper that the two capitals “constantly” debate measures to thwart the Russian attack.

Russia has previously frequently cautioned the US against giving arms and information to Kiev, claiming that such moves may lead United States into becoming a participant in the conflict.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, claiming that the Ukrainian government had broken the Minsk accords by not granting Donetsk and Lugansk a unique status inside Ukraine. The protocols, mediated by France and Germany were initially signed in 2014. Previous Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko has subsequently stated that Kiev’s primary purpose was to utilize the truce to gain time and “create significant military forces.”

In Feb 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass regions as autonomous nations and requested that Ukraine publicly proclaim itself to be a neutral country that would never rejoin any Western military alliance. Kiev claims the Russian onslaught was utterly unprovoked.

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