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YES, Its TRUE, The Experts Are Wrong

Just how many times have these so-called ‘experts’ been seriously, woefully wrong regarding political elections over the last few years?

These people were wrong with regard to Brexit. These guys were wrong with respect to the 2016 Presidential election, and these experts were hilariously, traditionally incorrect regarding the 2020 political election.

As a matter of fact, based on a study coming from the American Group of Public Opinion group, surveys from the 2020 poll were the least precise or accurate going back 40 yrs. And even state pollsters for President, United States Senate, and Governor races were definitely the least correct in twenty years.

The other day was another Vote-casting Moment in the Land of the Free. And the ‘pros’ were, YES, wrong once again.

Most noticeably, public opinion gatherers firmly insisted that the race for Virginia Guv was literally a Mexican standoff. However, in truth, the more conventional political candidate effortlessly won by an almost 6% margin.

And Even in New Jersey’s race, the professionals swore that the opposition was so far behind in the ballots that the guy didn’t stand a chance.

Yet, as of this moment as I write this article, the opposition has a minor lead.

Each of the forecasts was definitely incorrect, much like 2020, 2016, Brexit, and so on.

I’m certainly not wailing or complaining that these types of market researchers are incorrect or useless. As the worn-out saying goes, forecasts are difficult, particularly pertaining to the foreseeable future. It’s human to be wrong. I’ve been definitely wrong a lot more times than I can possibly count or remember.

The problem is that the media keeps pretending that these kinds of pollsters are still reputable…

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