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Can The Left Go Too Far At Times?

Can the left go too far at times? the answer is YES, and they have.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson searches for some thought-provoking answers.

Different perspectives towards the Bloody Revolution and its impact on today’s youth. Power is analyzed from a psycho-analytical perception and a social commentator critical of revolutionists and Marxists.

They also decipher idealism, how it changed, and its brutal societal and cultural effect on today’s generation.

A breath of sanity in this crazy world. Thank you, Mr. Petterson.

The problem with ANY legal system used to ‘civilize’ your population is ‘enforcement’. You can have whatever laws you like on paper but if you can’t catch any law-breaking and enforce the punishment they are powerless! There are financial and practical problems incurred with that.

Social Networks Surveillance Program Discovered

That’s why man invented ‘Religion’, or should I say organized Religion. It enabled them to ‘police’ their populations, be it tribes or nations, without overbearing and expensive formal systems by essentially instilling into the minds of the people that there is a being that is ever-present and sees everything that upon your death (which none of you can avoid) will meet out any justice for breaking their laws! On top of this, it also provided great leverage to get your population to unite and be prepared to go to war!

The Indicator of a Civilization in Decline

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