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United States stockpiles of ammunition and weapons have become dangerously low

A report that was released by statisticians from Bank of America warns that the United States’ stockpiles of ammunition and weapons have become “dangerously low” due to the fact that the US has been providing weapons to the Ukrainian military for its own defense against Russia for the past several months. The experts agree that the level of military stockpiles has not been at this low level in decades.

Despite the fact that the United States has pledged not to let its citizens take part in the fight on the ground, they have been providing Ukraine with a considerable amount of weaponry. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the United States has committed to providing help in the amount of $16.2 billion, and $8.4 billion worth of military equipment is already handed to the nation from American weapons depots through a mechanism called presidential drawdown.

In the context of this discussion, the implementation of a presidential drawdown allows for the provision of military aid to a region that is seen to be in a “crisis,” and the result has been a significant reduction in the number of weapons held by the United States.

The official website of the United States government contains the following statement in an explanation of the presidential drawdown authority: “It makes it possible for the speedy delivery of defense articles or services from Defense Department stocks to foreign countries all over the world to respond to unexpected emergencies.” After receiving clearance, such aid may start coming within a few days or even hours.

Because of President Biden’s use of this authority, our nation’s existing supply of certain kinds of essential weapon ammunition is said to have hit a level that might create difficulties in the event of a conflict.

This is especially worrisome in view of the many dangers that the United States of America is now confronted with all around the globe. The rising worldwide domination of China is a major cause for worry. China’s advancing military and technological breakthroughs have provided the Chinese leadership with the confidence it needs to go on with its aggressive conduct. For instance, China recently fired powerful missiles near Taiwan not long after the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, departed the country.

High-mobility artillery missile systems, often known as HIMARS, are one of the types of weaponry that are currently being sent to Ukraine. The United States has so far provided Ukraine with 34 of these lethal and extremely precise weapons. These systems have the capability of reaching large distances.

In addition, they delivered over 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 8,500 Javelin anti-armor systems, and over 32,000 additional varieties of anti-armor systems that were manufactured by a variety of sources.

In addition, the United States has provided more than 750 switchblade combat unmanned aerial systems, more than Fifty counter-artillery radars, and 126 155mm Howitzers with a total of up to 807,000 rounds of artillery ammunition. With NO end in sight.

Regrettably, the ability of the United States to protect itself against its adversaries may suffer as a direct result of this continuous aid.

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