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The bridge that Connects the Annexed Crimean Coastline – Is BURNING

An enormous explosion has seriously damaged the only bridge that connects the annexed Crimean coastline with the Russian mainland, rendering a key supply route for Moscow’s faltering war in Ukraine inoperable. This comes as a major setback for Vladimir Putin, as the explosion has caused severe damage to the bridge.

The incident occurred early on Saturday morning, and photographs and video captured at the site indicated that it caused sections of the rail and road bridge across the Kerch Strait, which had been inaugurated by Putin personally in 2018, to collapse.

It is not quite apparent what caused the explosion that occurred on the longest bridge in Europe. Officials from Russia have said that a gasoline tanker exploded, however it seems that portions of the road and part of a bridge leading into Crimea have fallen. The following blaze spread over an additional section of the bridge and devoured a line of gasoline tankers.

Users of social media contributed videos and photographs of the devastation. One of these users, Danilov, posted a split-screen video of the blazing bridge and Ms. Monroe performing the popular song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

It says “Good morning, Ukraine!” in the translated version of the tweet.

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