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Coca-Cola is Hesitating about Leaving Russia

The iconic name of the American beverage manufacturer will be changed, but the company will continue to produce soft drinks.

According to Mikhail Goncharov, the creator of the Teremok fast-food franchise, the iconic American soft drink trademark Coca-Cola will be sold in Russian under the brand name Dobry Cola. Coca-Cola is the largest producer of carbonated soft drinks in the United States.

“We have been informed by Coca-Cola that the beverage, which was once known as Coca-Cola, would now be marketed under the brand name Dobry Cola. According to a statement obtained from Goncharov last Friday via Interfax, “We shall try to sell it.”

According to him, the new carbonated beverage would need to battle against Russian companies who have already introduced their own versions of cola.

Interfax reportedly referenced a statement that Coca-Cola HBC President Zoran Bogdanovich sent to staff wherein he confirmed the conclusion of production as well as the sales of Coca-Cola products in Russia.

In a grocery in Moscow, Russia, a glass of Coca-Cola can be spotted. Kirill Kallinikov’s Sputnik

As a result of the new sanctions as a consequence of the crisis in Ukraine, this American company announced its intention to halt the company’s operations in Russia in March, following the departure of other prominent Western companies such as McDonald’s.

Coca-Cola operated ten facilities in Russia, making soft drinks like Fanta, Sprite, & Schweppes in addition to regional labels like Bonaqua, Dobry, Moya Semya, or Rich juices. These local brands were produced alongside Coca-international Cola’s name.

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