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Lockdowns Around the World due to Climate Change

Will there be Lockdowns around the world due to climate change and contrived fuel shortages? The world overlords are on the cusp of announcing “climate lockdowns” in 2023 (and decades beyond), to wreak havoc on agricultural production and economic output.

Keep an eye out for the government to continue destroying fossil fuel infrastructure, which will likely result in a shortage of gasoline supply and imposed restrictions on the ability to drive a vehicle in European towns and states. For instance, the WEF has recently made a public call to put a stop to the ownership of private vehicles everywhere on the earth.

The attempt to completely carry out climate lockdowns might take more than a decade, but it will start in 2023 with pilot projects that are aimed to test the cooperation of the general population.

Revolts against fraudulent elections and corrupt governments

We are already seeing an uprising in Brazil, which is the result of widespread accusations that the corrupt administration of Lula & communist traitors in Brazil’s Supreme Court rigged elections and covered up the proof of their actions.

Arizona is also experiencing a strong opposition against election meddling, and American citizens are coming to the realization that their elections are rigged — and have already been rigged — to the point where they are unable to outvote the cheating. In a similar vein, a strong backlash against election interference is also taking place in California.

We are going to see a significant surge in the number of uprisings all throughout the western world as food inflation becomes worse, unemployment rates go higher, and political discontent gets higher.

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