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The Battle for Freedom of Speech: Doctor Fired for Refusing Trans Pronouns Takes Fight to European Court

Dr. David Mackereth, a British doctor who lost his job for refusing to use trans pronouns, is taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights. Learn about his fight for freedom of speech and the implications for religious beliefs and medical practice.

In a landmark case that challenges the boundaries of freedom of speech and religious belief, Dr. David Mackereth, a 60-year-old British doctor, is heading to the European Court of Human Rights. He was fired from his job as an emergency room doctor in 2019 after refusing to use trans pronouns during a training exercise. Mackereth, a devout Christian, argues that his dismissal was a violation of his religious freedom and is urging others to stand up for their beliefs. This article delves into the details of his case and its potential implications for freedom of speech and medical practice.

A Doctor’s Stand Against Trans Pronouns and Religious Discrimination

The Case That Rocked the Medical Community

Dr. Mackereth’s journey began when he objected to using a hypothetical patient’s preferred pronouns during a training exercise. He refused to refer to “a six-foot-tall bearded man” as “madam” based on his Christian belief that there are two genders, which are determined at birth. Despite his assurance that he would treat transgender patients no differently than any other patient, Mackereth’s refusal led to his dismissal. His employer argued that it constituted “harassment” under the U.K. Equality Act of 2010.

Legal Battle and Religious Discrimination

Filing a lawsuit for religious discrimination, Dr. Mackereth faced an uphill battle in the Employment Tribunal, where his claim was ultimately rejected. The Tribunal ruled that his biblical beliefs on gender were “incompatible with human dignity.” However, in a partial overturning of the verdict, the Employment Appeal Tribunal acknowledged the importance of protecting Christianity under the Equality Act but upheld his dismissal. This decision was further supported by the Court of Appeal, leaving Mackereth disheartened.

Standing Up for Truth and Freedom of Speech

Undeterred by the setbacks, Dr. Mackereth sees his case as a crucial test of freedom of speech and religious liberty. He emphasizes the need for medical professionals and people of faith to stand up against the prevailing gender ideology. He firmly believes that introducing dishonesty into medical practice undermines the quality of healthcare. Mackereth maintains that as a Christian doctor, he upholds truth as the foundation of his work and refuses to accept the idea that a person can change their biological sex.

The Impact on Christianity and Freedom of Speech

Christianity in the Modern World

Dr. Mackereth expresses concern over the pervasiveness of transgender ideology in the Western world, including the United Kingdom and the United States. He argues that certain ideologies seem to receive preferential treatment over others, creating an unequal playing field. By upholding his Christian beliefs, he asserts that Christianity should not be deemed irrelevant in today’s society, considering its historical significance and the millions of Christians worldwide.

Subheading: Compelled Speech and Freedom of Speech

As Mackereth prepares to appeal his case before the European Court of Human Rights, he raises critical questions about freedom of speech. He highlights the unprecedented nature of a judge compelling speech for employment purposes. The Christian legal group supporting him argues that this case could have far-reaching implications for everyone, as it challenges the boundaries of freedom of speech and questions whether a court can force an employee to use transgender pronouns.

The Way Forward and Implications for Medical Practice

Support from the General Medical Council

After his dismissal, Dr. Mackereth sought validation from the General Medical Council (GMC), which confirmed that his fitness to practice was not impaired and his beliefs did not pose a threat to patient safety. This support from the GMC strengthens his case and underscores the importance of distinguishing between religious beliefs and professional competence.

A Battle for Freedom of Speech

With his sights set on the European Court of Human Rights, Dr. Mackereth is determined to fight for his rights and the rights of others to express their beliefs freely. He believes that this case holds significant implications not only for medical professionals but also for society as a whole, safeguarding the principles of freedom of speech and religious freedom.


Dr. David Mackereth’s fight against his dismissal for refusing to use trans pronouns has become a rallying cry for those who value freedom of speech and religious belief. As he takes his case to the European Court of Human Rights, the outcome will have far-reaching consequences for medical practice, freedom of speech, and the protection of religious beliefs. Mackereth’s unwavering dedication to truth and his willingness to stand up for his convictions serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

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