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Travelers who have received vaccinations are Exempt by the CBSA to use ArriveCan ONCE

In a statement given to Global News on Saturday, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is granting a one-time exception for passengers who have received their vaccinations but may have not been notified that they must provide their compulsory health data via ArriveCAN.

Beginning in May 2022, this policy was implemented at the land border. This only pertains to individuals who haven’t had a record of violating the law.

“Vaccinated Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and persons registered under the Indian Act, entering Canada, who may have been unaware of the requirement..are exempt from quarantine, testing, and fines on a one-time basis,” said Rebecca Purdy, a spokesperson for CBSA, in an e-mail.

ArriveCAN was first released in April 2020, as a free tool to help border agents determine a person’s admissibility to access Canada in accordance with COVID-19 standards.

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7 months later, it was made a requirement for all fliers. It was made applicable to everyone entering the country through the land in March 2021.

The app gathers personal details, including name, contact details, residence, and vaccination history, which is then utilized to assist public health authorities in enforcing confinement regulations.

The one-time waiver has been used in 308,800 instances through May 24 and Aug 4, 2022, according to Purdy, from the 5,086,187 land border passengers with a right to enter.

Those properly immunized Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and Indian Act-registered individuals who do not submit their information through ArriveCAN will be subject to testing and quarantine, as well as possible fines, according to Purdy.

Following the one-time expiration, foreign nationals that fail to provide their data to ArriveCAN are not granted permission to enter Canada, according to Purdy.

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