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There IS a Deep State but only if Republicans are in Control

The MSM portrays everyone who uses the term “deep state” as a conspiracy theorist nutcase. They don’t believe there is a conspiracy, and they actually support the existence of the deep state, which is why I said “acts like.” Several of the “anonymous source” relationships they employ most frequently to undercut Republicans and the will of the American people are found within the deep state.

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It’s not even a radical idea. Its meaning is crystal clear and evident. These are individuals holding a position in the federal govt who have the power to obstruct or smooth over everything that must pass from their office by manipulating documentation and procedures.

They can work together without having to coordinate their actions. They see the very same MSNBC or CNN praising individuals such “Anonymous,” the Trump admin thugs who openly declared they were obstructing the president.

They act in this manner as a virtue signal. On social networks, they occasionally boast about their accomplishments. They occasionally hide behind anonymity about mopeds. Cruz points out that it is almost entirely to the advantage of left ideas and the harm of conservative policy.

Everybody should read this because he puts it well. Get the facts right if someone claims that the Deep State is a fabrication or conspiracy.

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