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Candidates for Jobs at Canadian Newspapers must be FULLY VAXXED

Potential candidates must be completely immunized to apply for a position at a major Canadian magazine.

On Jul 15, The Globe and Mail announced a position for one full-time editorial correspondent for its Ottawa office. Candidates must possess an “excellent ability to speak French” for the position, which includes “covering politics in this country and national headlines.”

Candidates have to have expertise in handling news stories as well as show passion for political reporting in order to qualify for this position. Additionally, individuals must be able to make connections and increase their presence through business activities. The aim is for outstanding reporting like always,” the recruitment post noted.

“We need a reporter that is enthusiastic, adaptable, creative. As they will be required to collaborate with journalists at the Ottawa Bureau as well as those in other parts of the newsroom and across the nation, the ideal candidate must also be a superb team player.

“A potential for a determined and motivated reporter who would like to play a vital part in our political reporting,” the Canadian paper’s job posting read.

However, those who intend to participate in this must first have their own Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations.

All job offers from The Globe and Mail are contingent on the applicant receiving the recommended vaccinations. All new hires must send a photocopy of their vaccine dosage administered receipt(s) to the Human Resource department before their commencement date in order to show that they have received all necessary vaccinations.

“Fully vaccinated” refers to “someone who gotten the complete series of a vaccine, or perhaps a mix of immunizations, approved by the Canadian government… and has received the very last dosage at least 14 days earlier to their launch date,” in accordance with the job advertisement. The COVID-19 vaccinations manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Janssen are now authorized for usage within the country.

The human resources office of the magazine must approve applications from candidates requesting vaccination exemption “based on any or all of the legitimate grounds in the Human Rights Act.

Any work offers will also be withdrawn “if the accommodating application is not accepted or the applicant is not fully immunized.”

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