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To Encourage More Citizens to get the Shot, the Government is Funding Groups to Spread Misinformation

The US government allocated $20 million toward a new behavioral science program in June 2022 with the goal of convincing more citizens to get vaccinations, to further a worldwide vaccination acceptance initiative dubbed the Mercury Project, this same National Science Foundation, a federal government body, entrusted taxpayer’s money to the Social Sciences Council (SSRC), Is Encouraging its Citizens to get the Shot, the Government is Funding Groups to Spread Misinformation.

The SSRC is a group that receives funding from the government and many globalist organizations to explore behavioral psychology and implement widespread social change. The Mercury Project is aimed at reducing the prevalence of vaccine-resistant diseases by using novel approaches that persuade more individuals to get vaccinated.

Efforts are underway to distribute widespread propaganda in an attempt to increase vaccination rates.

As part of the Mercury Initiative, teams of behavioral scientists will be sent to different parts of the globe. They plan to investigate the reasons that contribute to vaccine refusal for shots and tailor future communications to address the specific concerns that seem to have people reluctant to get immunized. The group’s mission is to develop fresh narratives that may be adapted for use with different target groups in different parts of the world.

The goal of the behavioral study is to improve vaccination rates by tapping into the psyches of individuals from varied social and political origins. Many billions of dollars are being put in by the Rockefeller Foundation as well.

“Having followed the categorization of erroneous health data as an ‘urgent threat,’ and described by the World Health like an ‘infodemic,’ the SSRC decided to issue a call for ideas to rebuff the increasing worldwide risk faced by global health misinformation and deliberate misinformation and reduced Covid-19 vaccination rates,” wrote the Rockefeller Foundation and also the SSRC. Two hundred proposals have been submitted to the SSRC by groups all across the world. Each of these groups has the same goal in mind: to use propaganda and forced to alter people’s attitudes and actions for their own gain.

The goal of this multi-million dollar effort is to penetrate neighborhoods and spread misinformation to people who are already exhausted from being forced to make judgments while being subjected to pressure, censoring, and intimidation. However, the globalist elite still demands total obedience to lethal inoculations and will go to extremes to try to influence the citizens into complying, despite the fact that the published research dominantly claims to support non-paranoid, innate exposure to one’s surroundings, a clean diet, nutritious food, natural immunity, and treatments if necessary. Its crimes against humanity are becoming more and more clear as its attempts to dominate, coerce, manipulate, and abuse people. The bottom line is that the government is funding groups to spread misinformation and disinformation to get them to take MORE shots.

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