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A report that found hydroxychloroquine dangerous in managing COVID-19 has been retracted. The Original BS research study found that the use of a regimen consisting of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine (with or without a macrolide) had absolutely NO benefit, instead was connected with an increase in ventricular arrhythmias and an increased risk for in-hospital death with COVID-19.

They implied that this technique or Medication should never be used outside of clinical testings, and immediate verification from randomized clinical tests is required. See the retracted research study for yourself here and also here.

There are 311 research studies, consisting of 229 peer-reviewed reports (since June 22nd, 2021) revealing that hydroxychloroquine is without a doubt extremely effective for treating both early on and even late-stage COVID sufferers. That it is likewise powerful as prophylaxis. The medication is extremely inexpensive to produce.

Check out the information here. Even more details here.

I posted a video clip below of Dr. Stella Immanuel demanding an apology after research studies PROVE she was correct with regards to Hydroxychloroquine, have a look. For all you fact-checkers, this is straight from her own mouth, so it is a FACT what she said, and it is a FACT this happened to her.

Here is a question asked by some that follow this site: Are Ventilators Used to Murder People?

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