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Beijing Warned Biden Not to Arm Taiwan

Beijing has now Warned Joe Biden Not to Arm Taiwan – China’s spokesperson in Washington, Liu Pengyu, warned on Monday that Beijing will take “decisive and severe actions” in response to continued U.S. military cooperation with Taiwan.

An expected $1.1 billion in armaments will be sold by the Joe Biden regime to the island, prompting the announcement.

Liu informed the TASS media outlet that the purported armaments transfer between the United States and Taiwan constitutes a “blatant violation” of the “one China” policy and other treaties struck between the United States and China. The official went on to say that deals like this “embolden separatists” and inflame tensions inside the Taiwan Strait.

The US govt’s not supporting “Taiwan independence” must be acted upon, the diplomat emphasized, and arms sales, as well as military contact with Taiwan, must be terminated immediately.

Liu continued by saying China would act “decisively and firmly to protect its national interests and sovereignty.

Politico cites unnamed sources that the Biden government is planning to offer Taiwan a $355 million military package consisting of 60 AGM-84L Missile launcher Block II anti-ship rockets, $100 million worth of AIM-9X Type II Sidewinder air-to-air rockets, and $655.4 million worth of surveillance radar.

After Speaker Nancy Pelosi toured Taipei in early August despite numerous warnings from Beijing, the tension inside the Taiwanian Strait has indeed been rising steadily. A downward spiral in US-Chinese relations and repeated Chinese military maneuvers in the region can be directly attributed to the controversial trip.

Beijing deems Taiwan to be a component of China, and it views meetings by high-ranking foreign leaders as infringements of the “One China” plan, which is entrenched in the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act as well as in a variety of government declarations. In addition, Beijing views such visits as an invasion of Taiwan’s sovereignty. From 1949, after Chinese nationalists retreated to the islands after losing the Revolutionary War to Communist troops on mainland China, the Taiwan Strait has become a source of friction in the army. This is because the Taiwan Strait divides the self-governed islands from mainland China.

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