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Pfizer is Now Promoting MICROCHIP-Enabled Oral Medications

Pfizer’s oral medications with integrated microchips is pushing for global medical control, which started with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations, to a new level.

New York-based pharmaceutical giant CEO Albert Bourla applauded the significance of this breakthrough at the 2018-19 (WEF) gathering in Davos, Switzerland. 

He commented on how each tablet would be equipped with a “biochip” for monitoring and identification. When the tablet is swallowed and dissolves inside the body, the government or Insurance firms will be notified that any and all medicine has been taken, maximizing the likelihood of conformity.

Just “picture the compliance,” Bourla remarked. “Think of all the potential uses for something like that. To paraphrase, “Insurance firms know which medications their clients should be taking, and they make sure they get them.” 

Bourla is advocating for permanent microchip implantation, which has been covered in an article that was published on the WEF webpage.

Vice President of Research and Innovation at the Institute of Microelectronics Center in Brussels, Kathleen Philips stated, “As terrible as chip implantation can sound, they are part of a normal transition that wearables once experienced.”

She continued, “We no longer feel any shame when we use eyeglasses or earbuds. In addition to being an accessory, they can also be worn as part of a stylish ensemble. Just like anything else, implantation will become a commodity.” In addition, Philips defended the practice of giving these swallowable microchips to youngsters by adding, “There are strong, justifiable reasons supporting it – like safety.”

However, opponents claimed that Philips’s comparison in his WEF article was flawed. Hearing aids or eyeglasses aren’t surgically implanted, thus they can’t be remotely activated.

Summit Media’ Paul Joseph Watson likewise expressed his opinion forcefully. That “augmented people are inevitable” therefore “globalists need to build a powerful stranglehold over the technology and the ability to ‘ethically’ manage it,” he said, referring to a publication that argues this.

These technocratic rulers, who are urgently trying to restrict the internet so that they can’t be questioned, would provide the “support needed, creativity, and chutzpah” the technology needs, of course.

The acceptance and legitimization of total biometric monitoring depend on the public’s willingness to embrace COVID. Says Harari, who calls himself a “prophet of the new age”: “We want to not just monitor individuals, we really have to monitor what is occurring beneath their skin.”

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