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Florida Representative’s Claim About Girls and Sex Change Surgeries Sparks Controversy

Anna Eskamani, a state representative in Florida, claims that young women may resort to “cutting off their own breasts” if they are unable to have access to sex-change procedures.

This assertion was made during a debate regarding a proposed piece of legislation that would make it illegal for children to undergo surgical procedures, use sex-change medicines, or take hormones.

The remark made by Representative Eskamani is extremely debatable, and she needs to give some thought to the possibility of offering mental health treatment for young people who are grappling with difficulties related to gender identity. During her speech on the floor, she mentioned that “surgery is very, very rare for those under the age of 18.” She said this statement. In addition to this, she made the statement that “these are children who are going to cut off their own breasts if we don’t help them.” They are squeezing themselves so tightly by putting bands around their chest that they are unable to breathe.

The legislator is quoted in TGP as saying that the movement to stop the practice of female genital mutilation is nothing more than a “moral panic.” Rep. Eskamani pleaded with constituents to have compassion for individuals who have been negatively impacted by the matter and to avoid the manufactured moral panic being spread by the right-wing media, which is routinely used in political campaigns.

Rep. Eskamani continued by arguing that if kids are not allowed to be mutilated or sterilized, this will lead them to end their own lives by taking their own lives. “If they are unable to access care, then they have suicidal ideations,” she said. Their sense of self-worth is poor, and we should accept the decisions that parents make for their families in conjunction with their children.

The proposed legislation would also make it illegal for educational institutions, local governments, or state employees who participate in Florida’s Medicaid managed care program to use public dollars to pay for transgender medical care. Alexis Calatayud, a Republican who represents Miami and is a state senator, stated in support of the proposed law, “I support the rights of fully informed adults who identify as transgender to pursue sex reassignment procedures.” Calatayud is a transgender person. In a similar vein, I think it is this organization’s duty to shield youngsters from making decisions that will impact their lives in a way that cannot be undone and over which they have no control.

In conclusion, it is difficult to determine whether or not Rep. Eskamani’s assertions that teenage girls may mutilate themselves if they are unable to have sex-change procedures are true. It is absolutely necessary to provide young people who are coping with gender identity difficulties with the right assistance and care, including access to services related to mental health.

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