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The Tragic Story of How Covid Ruined the Memorial Service for My Grandmother

This is How Covid Ruined the Memorial Service for My Grandmother and the rest of our family.

My sister and I, along with my grandma and her companion, took a leisurely walk along the palm tree-lined boulevard on the humid Florida night.

They were laughing very hard, and the wine was spilling out of the cups that they were holding because they were so full. There is no question that they were having a good time on their trip. On the other hand, it was difficult to determine when my grandma was in holiday mode & when she was acting like her usual raucous and fun-loving self when she was visiting us. She had never seen one before, but on this particular occasion, she came upon her ideal vehicle: a Rolls Royce.

She leaped up on the hood of the car, wine glasses in hand, and pleaded with us to take a photo. That instant in time is one that will be ingrained in my memory forever.

My grandmother was constantly the life of the party, whether she was celebrating with her sister and brother, hosting huge family holiday dinners, operating her shop of over thirty years, managing her flora and fauna, or ensuring that she was fulfilling her obligations like a devout Catholic by ensuring that we all attended mass every Sunday. She was always a joy to be around.

My doting grandpa and her spouse of 71 years were never far from her side, and she never went a single day without their company. According to all accounts, she had a happy and fruitful life for a very long time. Her deteriorating health finally caught up with her when she was 92 years old, and she died away quietly at home. It was a gift for our family that she was able to recover at home rather than in an assisted living facility for seniors or a hospital. We were able to contact and see her according to all of the safety rules right up to her last hours.

Fewer than thirty of the woman’s closest relatives were able to attend her burial, which is ironic because she was the kind of person who would have desired the celebration of a “lifetime.” My grandpa, who is 96 years old, has been urged to avoid contact with his cousins and other family members who reside outside of the state out of concern that they may transfer the virus to each other and to the grandfather.

Our small family party was able to pay our respects at the funeral, lay her to rest at the cemetery, and then go over to their house for a relaxed lunch in the backyard. It was uncomfortable because we didn’t know how to behave if we couldn’t be our usual selves, which included embracing, sharing loud stories, and speaking closely to one another. My heart grieved for the routine that had become our family get-togethers before the epidemic.

I am aware that some people have felt the adverse consequences of Covid, including the influence it has had on their interactions with death and their feelings of bereavement. Indeed, there are other people who have endured far more hardships than our family has. During a pandemic, grief is a universal experience that permeates all segments of society. Isolation heightens our more negative feelings, such as sadness, which may be brought on by the loss of a beloved one, a job, a relationship, a pet, a house, etc.

Following the ordeal that my family went through in connection with the demise of my grandmother, I started looking on the internet to discover what kinds of services were available to families that were going through similar circumstances as ours.

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