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Discovery of Additional Mass Graves in Ukraine

Following the discovery of additional mass graves in Ukraine, the leadership of the European Union has issued a request for the formation of the international tribunal for the prosecution of war crimes.

According to Jan Lipavsky, the minister of the Czech Republic, which is now holding the rotating presidency of the EU, “In the 21st century, such assaults on the civilian population are unfathomable and repugnant.” [Czech Republic]

We must not ignore it. In a statement that he sent on Twitter on Saturday, he said that his organization supports the execution of all war criminals.

I am calling for the swift formation of a unique international court that will be responsible for prosecuting the act of aggression.

The request comes after Ukrainian officials discovered around 450 graves outside of the city of Izyum, which had been held by the Russians in the past, and some of the dead that were excavated showed evidence of having been subjected to torture.

During his evening speech, the leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that “new proof of torture was acquired” from the victims that were buried there.

He went on to say that more than ten torture rooms had already been discovered in different cities and towns that had been freed in the Kharkiv area. He was discussing the finding of electrical instruments that were used for torture.

“That’s exactly what the Nazis did,” she said. This is the behavior expected of Ruscists. He referred to “Russian fascists” as “Ruscists,” choosing the former word because it was easier to say than “Russian fascists.” “And they will be held responsible in the same manner – both on the battlefields and in courtrooms,” he continued.

The situation at Izyum seems to be “horrific on a number of different levels.”

“The city of Izyum is now deserted and has been obliterated in its entirety. “I’m talking of civilian targets here, so I’m referring to residential buildings, schools, pharmacies, and the church; it’s a pretty bleak sight,” Abdel-Hamid added. “There’s rarely a structure that hasn’t been at least partly destroyed.”

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