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A judge in Canada has allowed the father’s expert witness testimony about the safety of vaccines

A court in Canada recently issued a ruling that sided with a parent who questioned the viability of COVID-19 immunizations for his children due to concerns over their safety and effectiveness.

In a judgment that was 67 pages long, the Honorable Richard T. Bennett of the family branch of the Newmarket Superior Court of Justice permitted the father to present “expert evidence.” This allowed the dispute over whether or not children should be vaccinated to go into the trial phase.

The case centers on a disagreement between two sets of divorced parents on the vaccination status of their three young children, ages four, five, and ten. While the mother is in favor of being vaccinated, the father has some concerns about doing so. As a result of the judge’s ruling, the father is now able to present testimony from experts in an effort to discredit the COVID-19 vaccination.

In his decision, Bennett observed that despite the fact that “many courts have been ready to accept and take judicial notice that since public health is telling us that they are safe,'” he does not believe this to be sufficient proof. The judge also cast doubt on the dependability of public health experts and the advice they give, citing the instance in which Ontario’s chief medical officer, Kieran Moore, was observed attending an indoor social event without wearing a mask shortly after he had emphasized the significance of wearing masks in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

In spite of assertions made by the pharmaceutical industry, governments throughout the world, and the media, there is an accumulation of data to demonstrate that COVID-19 vaccinations are not as safe or as effective as they are advertised to be. Dr. Robert Malone, who was a pioneer in the development of mRNA vaccine technology, has spoken out against the practice of vaccinating youngsters and has issued a warning that widespread vaccination of children this age will result in “1,000 or more additional fatalities.” In a similar vein, renowned physician Peter McCullough, M.D., has advocated for an “unbreakable resistance” when it comes to the process of immunizing infants against the highly-survivable coronavirus.

In conclusion, the decision of Judge Bennett to accept expert testimony in the case involving the father establishes a significant precedent for the ongoing discussion over the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccination. While deciding whether or not to get vaccinated, it is critical to take into account all of the data that is currently available, even though there is mounting evidence to show that the vaccine may not be as safe or effective as was first stated.

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