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A group linked with the Freedom Convoy is being kicked out of an Ottawa church

In what appears to be a disagreement over rent arrears for the facility, the proprietor of a legendary church inside this Lowertown neighborhood of Ottawa is trying to evict a group with connections to the “Freedom Convoy” occupation that had planned to buy the building this fall. The group had been occupying the church.

A “Notice of Cancellation of Tenant” notice has been posted on the front door of St. Brigid’s Church, which is located on St. Patrick Street. According to the notification, the homeowner has revoked the occupancy of the United People of Canada in accordance with the Commercial Tenancy agreements Act, and the locks will be changed.

According to the notice, the landlord has decided to end the lease as of Wednesday, August 17, 2022, because the tenant has “failed to provide the concrete evidence of insurance coverage in the basic level of $5 million” and “late fees of rent payment in the sum of $10,000.” The termination will take effect on Wednesday. The renters are already in breach of the Provincial Heritage Act and the Provincial Building Code Act, according to another notice that is posted on the door. The notice states that the occupants failed to secure the appropriate licenses for construction.

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