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The Sinister Turn of Global Agriculture Policies: China’s Creation of Agriculture Police

The global campaign against farming has taken a dark turn with the recent announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping of the creation of an agriculture police force. This move has been approved by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is seen as a means to strictly control the global food supply.

The Chinese government’s crackdown on farmers is a disturbing indication of what the future may hold if the WEF continues to dictate policies to Western governments. Jinping, an Agenda Contributor to the WEF, has been praised by the organization’s founder Klaus Schwab, who has openly lauded the Chinese authoritarian system as a model for others to follow.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture has released a video outlining the role of the newly created agricultural management officers. Their job is to “stabilize grain supply,” as part of a comprehensive food security policy in 2023, which aligns with WEF policies designed to strictly control the global food supply. The officers will also oversee the use of seeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed, and agricultural machinery by farmers, as well as enforce animal and plant quarantine and disease prevention measures. They will also manage fisheries in China’s lakes and rivers.

Zhang Jianping, a commentator on current affairs who grew up in the countryside, has expressed concern that local agricultural officials are reverting to their Mao-era practices of micromanaging every aspect of people’s lives. Farmers who plant vegetables or raise chickens are being oppressed by these officials.

It is a worrisome development that the WEF, which is supposed to promote global economic development, is endorsing policies that infringe on people’s fundamental right to food security. It is imperative that Western governments take a stand against such measures and ensure that their citizens’ welfare is not compromised in any way.

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