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“John Does” Connected to Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein

According to numerous news sources, on Friday a federal court issued an order that would result in the unsealing of records that include the true identities of some of the “John Does” connected to the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. These documents were previously under seal.

According to Insider, on Friday, Judge Loretta Preska issued a ruling ordering the disclosure of the identities of a group of previously unnamed people in the paperwork provided by Epstein’s guilty party Virginia Giuffre in a defamation lawsuit against the associate of the convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell.

The documents were filed in a case brought by Giuffre against Maxwell.

While Epstein was waiting for his trial to begin, Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking & given a sentence of 20 years in prison. Epstein passed away in jail.

According to the Daily Mail, Giuffre’s court case against Maxwell has resulted in a trove of files related to Epstein. These documents contain a number of names that have been redacted; however, Preska has reportedly ordered some of these names to be unsealed on the grounds that the public interest surpasses the right to privacy.

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According to Fox News‘s reporting, 8 “Non-Party Does” who were referred to in the filings so Too does 12, 28, 97, 107, 144, 147, 171, or 183 wanted to conceal their identities out of worry that disclosing their information would be detrimental to their reputations.

According to Daily Mail, Preska disagreed with the findings in some of the instances and said that a significant portion of the “purportedly confidential material” had previously been made available to the general public during Maxwell’s trial.

During the hearing, Preska was able to identify a few of the people who were connected to Epstein, despite the fact that a schedule for the publication of the papers and identities has not been established.

According to Insider, the court revealed that Doe 147 is Epstein victim Sarah Ransome. Ransome is said to have spoken in public during Maxwell’s sentence, released a book about her ordeal, and provided countless interviews. The judge recognized Doe 147 as Ransome.

According to the Daily Mail, Emmy Tayler, a longtime personal assistant to Maxwell, was named by Preska as being another individual involved in the sexual abuse of some of the victims. Tayler was accused of having a part in the sexual abuse of a number of the victims.

According to the Daily Mail, Preska claimed that Tayler was identified in a batch of publicly accessible papers from another action and ordered their publication. Tayler has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and it is unknown which of the Names is used in relation to Tayler.


Doe 183 has been “the subject of extensive media interest,” and their identity was revealed throughout the course of Maxwell’s trial, thus Preska issued an order that records connected to Doe 183 be made public as well. However, in order to give Doe 183 the chance to file an appeal against Preska’s judgment, she placed a hold on the publication until the 28th of November.

According to Insider, she also gave the order to unseal the identity of Tom Pritzker, who is a millionaire and the executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels company. The fact that Pritzker’s name was brought up in a testimony in which witnesses said they did not remember him led Preska to conclude that Pritzker’s relationship with Epstein was only tenuous at best.

Pritzker objected to the revelation on the grounds that it may be detrimental to his reputation, but Preska was unmoved by his argument and went forward with the disclosure nevertheless.

However, the court did make concessions to a few of the people who objected to the proceedings.

According to Daily Mail, the court said that Doe 12 would be allowed to maintain their anonymity since they were a “typical outsider.” The judge went on to describe Doe 12 as “neither victim nor linked with Epstein or Maxwell.”

According to Daily Mail, the court said that the victim of the sexual assault known only as Doe 28 “continues to feel trauma.” As a result, their identity will not be revealed.

In the meanwhile, Maxwell has lately made allegations that a fellow prisoner planned to murder her while she was asleep.

She went on to say that she viewed Epstein’s death, which was deemed a homicide, to be “very suspect,” and that she had her concerns about whether or not he actually did kill himself.

Epstein had been charged with federal sex trafficking and was awaiting trial when he passed away. In 2008, he was found guilty on charges that were quite similar to what he was accused of, but the judge gave him a reduced sentence.

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