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Brain CPU Implant Company Neuralink


Elon Musk, a tech tycoon worth billions of dollars, hosted a “Show and Tell” event to discuss his brain CPU implant company Neuralink. Neuralink has been accused by a group of physicians of “mutilating and killing monkeys” by implanting a “brain-machine interface” in the animals’ bodies. Musk discussed the company at the event.

Musk made the announcement on Twitter, which he now controls, while at the same time the Physicians Committees for Responsible Medicines (PCRM) published a website that detailed precisely what went on at Neuralink – and it was not nice.

The sloppy Neuralink experiments that were carried out at UC Davis included torturing animals by surgically implanting electrodes into them against their will. PCRM has launched a lawsuit against the school, claiming that the animals “suffered illness” as a result of the electrodes that were “put in their brains.” The action was filed on behalf of PCRM.

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In addition, the lawsuit claims that an “unapproved chemical” called BioGlue was used in the tests in question. That BioGlue “killed animals by damaging sections of their brains,” as the report puts it.

In order to place electrodes related to implants, Musk’s Neuralink bored holes into the skull of a female macaque; the animal has left “vomiting, gasping, and retching” after the procedure.
The lab notes were gathered from the studies that were conducted at the Californian National Primate Research Facility in particular. The name of Matthew MacDougall, a neuro link head surgeon, is given beside a notation that reads, “Dr. MacDougall advises edges smooth (not sharp).”

Apparently, more than 17,000 medical professionals who are a member of PCRM have said that Neuralink compensated UC Davis $1 million dollars for the usage of the university’s facilities. This was corroborated by Neuralink, which also confessed that throughout the course of the inhumane trials, numerous animals needed to be put down.

Elon Musk

According to a post on the Neuralink blog, “As part of this experiment, two animals were killed at scheduled end dates in order to acquire essential histology data, while 6 animals were terminated at the medical advice of the veterinary team at UC Davis.”

UC Davis issued a statement in which it recognized the case and claimed that it had “completely complied with California Public Records Act” when it came to responding to inquiries from PCRM.

Ever since the conclusion of the study agreement with Neuralink, in point of fact, new materials have been delivered to PCRM.

Another laboratory note that was produced only two days after the operation performed on the female macaque claimed that the unfortunate animal was “repeatedly puking, gasping, retching and showed little engagement with environment/observers.” This note was written just 2 days after the procedure.

A few days later, on Sept 11, the monkey “simply lied down,” and another note indicated that the postop was “deteriorating.” After then, it was suggested that the animals be put to sleep within the next twenty-four hours.

In the litigation, BioGlue was held responsible for the individual’s death. In another one of the lab notes, the glue was noted as the factor that ultimately led to death.

On the other hand, Musk sees this as nothing more than a game. The “Show and Tell” event that took place the year before included a monkey that had a brain implant and was able to play a computer game using just it’s thinking. A few months later, the monkey ultimately succumbed to the effects of its implant (and maybe the BioGlue as well).

According to Musk, the next stage for Neuralink is to begin transplanting these identical electrodes in human brains, probably using BioGlue. This will be done in the near future. How many individuals are going to be killed as a direct result of Elon Musk’s experiments in mad science?

One reader remarked that this is the kind of thing that gives them nightmares. “There is no empathy in the task that we do here.”

Another user remarked, “I’ve never felt so ill in my life after reading this.” “Those poor animals have never volunteered to be a part of this disgusting experiment, and the amount of anguish and confusion they must experience is beyond awful.”

Someone other stated that Musk himself ought to be put through the same inhumane trials that he is forcing these unfortunate animals to endure since it is “disgusting” what he’s doing to them.

Someone wrote about Musk, “I do not believe he would enjoy it very much,” and they were referring to Musk. “If they want to check these things, then they should do it on people – ideally Musk and also the remainder of the heartless millionaires,” the speaker said.

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