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Pickup places for passports will soon be available in four additional cities, according to the announcement made by Ottawa

In an effort to better manage the long wait periods and long delays that have afflicted the passport application process for several months now, the federal government has announced plans to launch four new pick-up facilities for passports across the country.

The cities of Trois-Rivières, Quebec; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; and Red Deer, Alberta are the ones that will have access to the new applications and pick-up option.

At a press conference held in Trois-Rivières, the Government Responsible for such Passport Program, Karina Gould, stated that applicants who submitted their forms at the aforementioned locations would be able to obtain their passports within ten business days.

She stated that “life would become substantially easier for those who apply for passports in those places” as a result of this change.

According to Gould, the government of Ottawa intends to accomplish its aim of supplying registration processing within 50 miles of the majority of Canadians by providing turnaround times of 10 days at “9 or 10” facilities in the very near future.

The most recent effort made by the government to remedy something Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called an “awful” scenario for would-be travelers is the decision to create more pick-up locations.

When Canadians who were eager to resume their previous level of international travel flooded Service Canada offices with applications, the bureau which handles application forms and disburses passports issued a warning earlier this year about an “unparalleled surge” in the number of applications they were receiving.

In an effort to cut down on wait times, the city of Ottawa has committed to increasing its workforce and has established a special task force.

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