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The Jab Caused Heart Problems In a Younger Priest

Soon after receiving an injection, a young priest disclosed that he started having problems with his heart.

In a video that was 25 minutes long, Fr. Edward Looney, who is 33 years old, discussed his struggle with cardiac difficulties ever since he was vaccinated. The priest was given two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, but he hasn’t had any boosters since then. According to him, in February of 2021, he felt forced to be vaccinated since nursing facilities and hospitals advised priests that people who were not “completely vaccinated” cannot visit. This prevented him from going to any of those places.

“[Immediately] Following the very first shot… When I got home, I saw that my pulse rate was far higher than it generally is, and I was concerned about that,” Looney said. The priest’s “heart rate was significantly greater” after the second dosage, and at one point it even reached 180 beats a minute (bpm). Adults typically have a resting heart rate that falls anywhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm).

Since Looney received the second dosage, his heart rate has maintained over one hundred beats per minute (bpm).

When he first visited the hospital to seek medical treatment, the emergency department staff laughed at his worries and advised the priest to merely have someone “observe” him rather than bring him in for medical attention. According to the medical professionals that the priest went to see in December 2021, there is nothing that can be done to slow down his heartbeat. According to the priest, several medical specialists informed him that they did not understand why the patient had cardiac difficulties.

Because of his cardiac troubles, Looney is always “tired” and needs naps throughout the day. He reported that even while he was only walking at 3.5 kilometers an hour, his heart rate would go up to 150 beats per minute.

Thankfully, Looney was able to get in contact with a medical professional not too long ago who put everything together for him. This doctor informed him that post-vaccination difficulties would appear to indicate a causal link between the two. The doctor went on to say that because of the patient’s rapid heart rate, “No one 33 years old should be relaxing in bed.”

The priest also revealed that he’s not the only one going through the same issue, as he is aware of another individual who has acquired cardiac difficulties after receiving their COVID-19 immunization. This information was supplied by the priest.

Despite the fact that Looney stated that he was coerced into getting the COVID-19 vaccination that led to his cardiac issues, Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church as a whole, would have praised him for getting the vaccine.

Back in August of 2021, Pope Clement XII urged the general population to be vaccinated against COVID-19, stating that doing so would be an “act of kindness.” This statement was given by the Jesuit Pope of Argentina in a film that also included Cardinals from the United States of America, México, Honduras, Brazil, El Salvador, and Peru.

In his native Spanish, Pope Francis said that “thanks to the generosity of God and to the effort of many,” we now have vaccinations that can protect us against the COVID-19 virus. Vaccinating is a simple but significant way to show concern for one another, particularly the most vulnerable among us.

In the video, Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez from El Salvador argues that receiving the COVID-19 vaccination is one of the best ways to defend those who are most defenseless. He made the observation that “our decision to be vaccinated impacts others,” and went on to say that doing so was a moral obligation.

After that, in January 2022, the Pontiff of Argentina underlined the need for immunization against COVID-19 as a “moral responsibility.”

“Vaccines are not a miraculous method of healing; nonetheless, it is certain that they reflect in addition to other therapies that must be developed – the most feasible answer for the avoidance of the illness,” he added. “Vaccines are not a cure-all.”

Francis decried the growing ideological differences that, in his view, were stopping people from receiving the necessary doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. He made the following observation: “Quite often, individuals allow themselves to be persuaded by the dogma of the day, which is often supported by false information or badly recorded facts.”

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