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Cases involving UFOs are on the rise

Based on an unredacted version of a new Defense Department report that was released on Thursday, US federal agencies have seen a considerable rise in cases involving unknown flying objects (UFOs) between the years 2021 and 2022. This increase may have been in part due to a better comprehension of the threats that they may pose.

The report, which is titled “2022 Yearly Reports on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” and is more frequently known as “UFOs or UAP,” was created by the Director’s Office of National Intelligence at the Pentagon (ODNI). In all, it includes 510 sightings that have been reported all the way up to the end of August 2022.

This figure takes into account 144 UAP reports that were reviewed over the course of 17 years prior to March 2021 & counted as part of an initial evaluation conducted by the ODNI. On the other hand, the number of recorded sightings of UFOs soared between that date and August of 2022, reaching a total of 366.

This rise was largely attributable to “a greater knowledge of the prospective risks that UAP may pose,” which the paper defined as “either as safety of flight issues or as possible adversary collection platforms.” The “reduced stigma surrounding UAP reporting” is still another cause, according to the paper.

Pentagon clarifies stance on aliens

The newest recorded sightings totaled 366, with 26 being classified as Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles or objects that seemed to be one, and 163 is classified as “balloon or balloon-like phenomena.” The disorganization was responsible for another six. It has been determined that the Pentagon is unable to provide an explanation for the outstanding 171 reports.

In addition to this, the study said that “UAP occurrences keep happening in restricted and sensitive airspace, emphasizing prospective implications for safety of flying or enemy collecting operations.” In the same line, the statement noted that Washington “will continue to evaluate any evidence of probable foreign government participation in UAP events.”

The NY Times stated in October, citing anonymous US authorities, that the majority of recent UFO sightings are thought to be the result of foreign spying activities, weather balloons, or just airborne rubbish. The article was published in October. A spokesperson for the Pentagon at the time named Sue Gough said that although government agencies are making every effort to detect UFOs, their sensors often fail to capture “sufficient evidence to establish a definite attribution.”

The Defense Department of the United States said in December that despite the many reports it has received about inexplicable aerial occurrences, it has not discovered any proof of the presence of extraterrestrial life.

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