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China is Fully Immersed in Genetic Manipulation

China and Genetic Manipulation

As a developing Technocracy, China is fully immersed in the practice of genetic manipulation of everything that relates to the nation’s food supply.

If GMO milk were produced commercially, it may have a detrimental effect on the health of a very large number of individuals. Technocrats create things, not as a result of an informed need for them to do so but rather because they are driven to do so. TN Editor China claims that it has successfully cloned mutant “super cows” that are capable of producing almost twice as much dairy as regular cows.

Researchers in Beijing brag that they have built three cows that are capable of producing 18 tons of milk yearly, which is equivalent to 17,500 liters or 37,000 pints.

It is possible that the three “super cows” may generate a total of 300 tons of milk annually.

And that milk production output is more than twice what the typical cow in the UK produces, which is around 8,000 liters of milk, or 14,000 pints.

According to the Chinese official media, the breeding program is being “suffocated” by the need to import cows from other countries.

The cows who gave birth to these calves were raised on farms that are known for their excellent milk output.

In addition to that, they chose cows that have a high reproductive rate, with the goal of one day having a herd of 1,000 of these so-called “super cows” in China.

Jin Yaping, who was in charge of the experiment, said that the scientists “reincarnated” the cows by taking tissues from their ears.

The cloned embryos were subsequently implanted into a total of one hundred and twenty cows, as stated by Northwest A&F University.

About 42% of them were able to get pregnant, and 17.5% of them maintained their fertility for the whole 200 days.

This week, it was revealed that three cloned cows had successfully given birth.

The combination of trying to tap reproductive technology as well as using low-productive cows as surrogates enabled us to regenerate 20 more offspring compared to just using cloning for a given time period. Jin said: “Using cloning technology alone will not have any economic meaning, or the combo of tapping reproductive technology as well as using low-productive cattle as surrogates allowed us to regenerate 20 more offspring.”

The researcher said that they want to preserve the tissue from the “supercows” so that they may clone more of them and create their ideal herd.

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