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Defending The Current Administration

The Current Administration

Defending the current administration in Government is a difficult task that involves a lot of different moving components. You need dedicated pols, woke global companies, corporate media, as well as devoutly faithful supporters who will amplify that message far and wide in order to make sure only the regime’s message is in the public square. This will keep everybody in line, and ensure that only the regime’s message will be the dictating one in the public square.

There are significant differences between each of these echo chambers. For instance, in the world of corporate media, some people get to host ritzy late-night television programs and get enormous incomes, while others are forced to deal with work that is less exciting and more talent-intensive, such as producing an unending stream of “fact checks.”

However, these lower-level operators do what they need to do in order to support the government. They provide the devoted masses with the clickbait that may be reinforced by those who are willing to think that the regime’s narrative is not only preferred but is also the one and only absolute truth. They exist with the goal of convincing us that adhering to the regime’s message also means adhering to the facts, which is their raison d’être.

One of the advantages that the present administration has is what seems to be an infinite supply of persons and organizations committed to doing “fact checks” of anyone who dispute the narrative that is being communicated by the dictatorship. In point of fact, there are so many individuals who verify facts and so many facts to check that some organizations, such as PolitiFact, have resorted to examining random Facebook postings made by people who are not prominent figures.

It would take a monumental effort on the part of the conservative movement to grow up something even like the fact-checking enterprise that the left has. The left has effectively taken control of the majority of media outlets, including news outlets, social networking sites, and the majority of alternative media channels.

To tell you the truth, conservatives are less likely to spend their days coming up with clickbait that can be used in online debates on Twitter. It is a strategy that is considerably more popular among those on the self-righteous left, who are unable to fathom the possibility that anything other than their chosen policy is the true science above all else, regardless of the fact that the real truth may be.

During her debates with then-candidate Donald Trump, unsuccessful presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton repeatedly urged her opponent to submit to fact checks. For this, she deserves a significant amount of credit. It is far simpler to appeal to a judge who is already on your side even if they are acting in the guise of a “third party” in a policy discussion that you aren’t winning.

In spite of this, it is essential to highlight a few of the industry’s most representative fact-check bots in order to have an understanding of the individuals who assert that they are the exclusive bearers of perfect truth and that they are superior to us.

If you go to CNN’s fact-check home page, you will discover a plethora of provocative headlines troubling conservatives, as well as the odd weak, mealy-mouthed item with a light touch that concerns liberals.

For instance, after former Vice President Joe Biden fabricated a story that he had met with Israel’s prime minister even during the Six-Day War of 1967, CNN’s top fact-checker, Daniel Dale, gave him a smack on the wrist with the headline, “Biden tells an inaccurate tale about his 1973 meeting of Israeli prime minister.” It is said that the “made-up tale” of one guy is the “inaccurate story” of another man.

Contrast this with how Dale dealt with Senator Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida. As an illustration of wasteful expenditure that has contributed to inflation, Scott gave the example of a spending package totaling one trillion dollars that only included modest amounts of money allocated to infrastructure investment. It wasn’t long before CNN’s Dale sprang into action with an unbelievable twist on a fact check, declaring that it’s not accurate to blame increasing gas and food costs only on government spending.

Oh, really? Take note of the shifting of the goalposts here: When Scott did not say anything of the such, Dale went ahead and added the phrase “exclusively.” After that, he went on to “debunk” his own fabricated assertion by referencing experts who referred to supply chain concerns as another driver of inflation. He did this by quoting them.

Even if Scott had stated that the infrastructure plan was the only source of inflation or the primary cause of hyperinflation, this would not have passed the test as a “fact check.” Instead, it could have consisted of a simple debate between two persons with opposing economic ideas and their respective points of view.

Is Dale in any way uniquely suited to judge which of the competing economic theories is correct? If this is the case, then he should have been doing his civic duty by picking up the phone, dialing the number for the White House, and informing them of the magic bullet to solve their inflation problem rather than creating yet another clickbait article.

Glenn Kessler, who is bylined as “The Fact Checker” for the organization that is controlled by Jeff Bezos, is one of Dale’s competitors at The Washington Post. Dale faces some competition from Kessler. In the burgeoning industry of fact-checking, Kessler has had an advantage over Dale: He has fully accredited himself by writing an entire book about it, titled “Donald Trump or His Attack on Truth: The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims, and Flat-Out Lies.” Dale has not written a book about fact-checking. Unbiased and unprejudiced, this observer certainly is.

Avoid falling for the con artist’s trick. A guy who dresses as a woman is still a male, and a liberal reporter who calls himself a fact-checker remains a liberal reporter, regardless of whether or not the man dressed as a woman.

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