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NuManna company Makes false and fraudulent claims

ALERT TO CONSUMERS: Since 2017, the NuManna company has continued to make false and fraudulent claims that their sustainably grown storable food products, known as “Organic Family Pack,” are “Health Ranger Approved” and that they are tested for pesticides and heavy metals by the labs at “Natural News.” CONSUMERS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THESE CLAIMS ARE FALSE AND FRAUDULENT.

Although such claims were also prominently featured throughout NuManna’s current advertising material, website, labels, Amazon listings, and PDF documents, the truth is that no NuManna goods have been checked by the Health Ranger and Natural News since 2016. This is the case despite the fact that such claims have been made (see examples below).

NuManna stopped paying the Health Ranger royalty payments in 2017, continued to refuse to provide specific products for lab testing, and yet continued to dishonestly use the “Heavy Metals Tested” label claims and the “Health Ranger Approved” claims for the next 5 years. This was done while choosing to ignore repeated requests even by Health Ranger as well as Natural News to delete such assertions from their website or their labels. NuManna also refused to provide samples for lab testing in 2017.

We believe that NuManna did this in order to profit from misleading marketing and advertising practices that manipulated the food science public image of Natural News as well as the Health Ranger in order to intentionally mislead customers for more than 5 years. These practices were carried out in order to make NuManna money.

In addition, NuManna has not paid commissions or affiliate fees to a significant number of retail distributors that sell its goods. We have had direct conversations with four different distributors, all of whom claim that NuManna owes them money that the company has failed to pay.

The illusion has to come to an end. After years of demanding adjustments and being completely disregarded by NuManna, we have decided to go public with the full story. In addition, we will be filing our claims as well as evidence with the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, the Attorney General of Missouri, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the CCOF, which is an organic certifier.

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